In the name of God the most compassionate, the most beneficent.

Knowledge is the foundation of all good and ignorance is the root of all evil.

Indeed some servants of Allah on earth are those who strive for the plight of people and these are the people who will be in peace on the day of judgement.

We thank Allah (swt) and pay our gratitude to our Patron, Imam e Zamana (ajf) for choosing us to serve the people of our community.

In a very short period of time, by working tirelessly day and night, Aal e Yaseen trust has been able to make great progress towards achieving its goals. This has only been possible through the help and co-operation of the compassionate members of our society.

The working situation is dire for many people who have lost breadwinners through targeted killings, bomb blasts and hunger. It is incumbent upon those in a position to help such individuals, to do so. In such situations, the responsibility to help those who cannot make ends meet or care for their loved ones is greatest upon those who are independent. The reward for doing so is the gratitude of those who are helped, in addition to the blessings from Allah (swt).